Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is part of the general conditions that rule the website, along with the Cookies Policy and the Legal Notice.
The SELVA TOWN HALL assumes the maximum responsibility and commitment to the maintenance of this Data Protection Policy, and guarantees the continuous improvement of the data controller to achieve excellence related to the compliance with the regulation (EU) 2016 / 679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of April 27, 2016, regarding the protection of natural persons concerning the processing of personal data and the free movement of these data, and which repeals Directive 95/46 / CE (General Data Protection Regulation) (DOUE L 119/1, 04-05-2016) and the Spanish regulations for the protection of personal data (specific sectorial Organic Law and implementing regulations)
The SELVA TOWN HALL reserves the right to modify or adapt this privacy policy at any time. Therefore, we recommend that you review it each time you access the website. In the event the user has registered on the website and accesses his account or profile, upon access, he will be informed if there have been substantial changes concerning the processing of his data.

1. Responsible for the processing of personal data and Data Protection Officer

Address: Plaça Major, 1 SELVA (07313), Balearic Islands
Tel: (+34) 971 51 50 06
In case you would like to contact us for any matter related to the treatment of your personal data or privacy (with our Data Protection Officer), you can do so through any of the means indicated above.

2. The legal basis that legitimizes the treatment

The legal basis that legitimizes the processing of data is based on:
– such treatment is necessary for the fulfillment of a legal obligation that falls on the SELVA TOWN HALL, or
– the treatment is necessary for the development of an activity of public interest, or for the exercise of the public powers that the current legislation grants in the SELVA TOWN HALL. These legal obligations, or this assignment of public powers, are established, among others, in the following laws:
– Law 7/1985, of April 2, Regulator of the Bases of Local Regime.
– Real Legislative Order 781/1986, of April 18, which approves the revised text of the current legal provisions on local government.
– Law 27/2013, of December 27, of rationalization and sustainability of the Local Administration.
– Real Legislative Order 2/2004, of March 5, which approves the revised text of the Local Tax Regulatory Law.
– Organic Law 2/2012, of April 27, on Budgetary Stability and Financial Sustainability. -Law 39/2015, of October 1, of the common administrative procedure of public administrations.
– Law 39/2015, of October 1, of the common administrative procedure of public administrations.
– Law 40/2015, of October 1, on the legal regime of the Public Sector.
– Other specific sectoral laws that regulate the activity that justifies the treatment.
There are specific laws that are also applicable to specific municipal services (environmental legislation, citizen security, etc.). When the activity carried out by the SELVA TOWN HALL is not based on the fulfillment of a legal obligation, on the development of an activity of public interest, or on the exercise of public powers, the legal basis that legitimizes the treatment will be based on the consent of the interested person.

3. Purpose of the processing of personal data

The data object of treatment is destined to the exercise of one or several of the following competencies, whether they are their own or exercised by delegation or a commission:
a) Urban planning: planning, management, execution, and urban planning discipline. Protection and management of our historical heritage. Promotion and management of public housing according to the criteria of financial sustainability. Conservation and rehabilitation of the building.
b) Urban environment: in particular, public parks and gardens, urban solid waste management, public lighting, and protection against noise-light, and atmospheric pollution inside urban areas.
c) Drinking water supply at home and wastewater evacuation and its treatment.
d) Road infrastructure and other equipment owned by it.
e) Evaluation and information on situations of social need and immediate care for people in situations or at risk of social exclusion, and basic or specialized health care.
f) Local police, civil protection, fire prevention, and extinction.
g) Traffic, vehicle parking, and mobility. Urban collective transport.
h) Information and promotion of tourist activity of interest and local scope.
i) Fairs, supplies, markets, markets, and street trade.
j) Protection of public health.
k) Cemeteries and funeral activities.
l) Promotion of sport and sports facilities as well as leisure time.
m) Promotion of culture and cultural equipment.
n) Participation and monitoring of the performance of compulsory schooling and cooperation together with the corresponding educational administrations in obtaining the plots necessary for the construction of new educational centers. The conservation, maintenance, and surveillance of locally owned buildings destined for public early childhood education, primary education, or special education centers.
o) Promotion of citizen participation in the efficient and sustainable use of information technology and communications.

4. Category of data

For the simple fact of browsing the website, theSELVA TOWN HALL will collect information regarding:
– IP address
– Browser version
– Operating system
– Duration of the visitor navigating on the website

This information is stored by intermediating Google * Analytics, through which we refer to Google's Privacy Policy, since this compilation and treats this information.
In the same way, on the website where Google Maps utility is provided, accessing the location, in the event that you allow it, to facilitate greater specificity about the distance and/or paths of ours. Regarding this, we refer to the Privacy Policy used by Google Maps, to know the use and treatment of this data
The information that we use will not be related to a specific user and will be stored in our databases, in order to carry out statistical analyzes, improvements on the website, about our products and/or services, and will help us improve our commercial strategy. The data will not be communicated to third parties.
To access certain services, the user may have to fill out a form that asks for a series of personal data, necessary and mandatory to carry out the service. In the case of not providing these fields, the registration and service will not be carried out.
In this case, the browsing data will be associated with the user's registration, identifying the same specific user who browses the website.
The registration data of each user will be incorporated into the databases of theSELVA TOWN HALL, along with the history of operations carried out by it, and will be stored in them as long as the registered user's account is not deleted. Once the account has been deleted, this information will be separated from our databases, keeping data related to the transactions carried out for 10 years, without accessing or altering them, according to the legally valid deadlines. The data that is not linked to theTransactions made will be maintained unless you withdraw consent, in this case, they will be deleted immediately (always taking into account the legal deadlines).
To send communications, the express consent of the user will be requested at the time of registration. In relation to this, the user may revoke the consent given, by contacting theSELVA TOWN HALL, using the means indicated above. In any case, in each commercial communication, you will be given the possibility to unsubscribe when receiving them, either through a link and/or email address.
We inform you that you can receive communications via email and/or by phone, to inform you of possible incidents, errors, problems, and/or status of your requests.
For all purposes, the data subjected to treatment must refer to the identification of citizens, address, telephone, email, and other data associated with their professional activity or economic capacity. Exceptionally, when the needs of public service provision require it, data related to union affiliation, health, sexual life, and biometric data (fingerprint) may be subjected to treatment. Likewise, data intended for the establishment of administrative sanctions, as well as data referring to minors, may be processed. In these latter cases, appropriate and specific additional measures must be established to protect the interests and fundamental rights of the concerned person. All the data used may be processed for archival purposes of public interest, even scientific and historical research as well as statistics. The data processed is integrated into one of the following categories:
– Name and surname
– Name and surnames representatives
– DNI / NIE / Passport
– Place of birth
– Birthdate
– Nationality
– Sex
– Address
– Phone
– Email
– Image
– Signature
– Minors data
– Tax and Social Security data
– Bank and insurance data
– Academic and professional data
– Data of social circumstances
– Data of personal characteristics (physical appearance, hobbies, etc)
– Occupation
– Disability/mobility
– Identification data of other affected third parties (family members, neighbors, subcontracting,etc)
– Level of studies, languages
– Psychotechnical report
– Permission to drive/weapons
– Authorization of self-employment (Law 14/2003)
– Certification of registration and authorization (food handling permit, other administrative authorizations, representation, empowerment, etc)
– Professional experience
– Voice
– Marital status
– Vehicles involved
– ONG to which it belongs
– Geolocation data
– Volunteering experience
– Time availability

– Political affiliation/linkage
– Union membership
– Penal certificate
– Sexual crime registration certificate
– Consumption of addictive substances and/or addictions
– Religious convictions
– Biometric data
– Specific health data associated with certain records
– Racial or ethnic origin
– Administrative sanctions
– Sex life

For what purposes will we process your data?

  •  Answer your questions and requests.
  • Manage the requested service, answer your request, or process your request.
  • Relate and create a community of followers.

What is the legitimacy for the treatment of your data?
The acceptance of a contractual relationship in the environment of the corresponding social network, by its privacy policies:
– Facebook
– Instagram
– Twitter
– Telegram

For how long will we keep your data?
We can only consult or cancel the data in a restricted way by having a specific profile. We will treat them as long as you leave us following us, being friends or clicking "like", "follow", or "similar buttons"
Any rectification of your data or restriction of information or publications must be done through the configuration of your profile or user in the social network itself.

5. Generation of profiles, preparation of surveys, and establishment of communication channels

The SELVA TOWN HALL may process some personal data to make estimates or simulations aimed at improving public services. To carry out the estimates or simulations, it will be necessary to carry out profiling using the data of the interested party, as well as other data obtained from public sources. The personal data collected by the Selva City Council may also be used to carry out quality surveys, extract statistics and/or study the needs and use of the different public services. Finally, the personal data collected by the SELVA TOWN HALL may be used to establish direct channels of communication with citizens, including all electronic means, always related to the provision of the services described in section 3.

6. Period of conservation of personal data

The personal data of citizens will be kept for the necessary time necessary to fulfill the purpose for which they were requested and to determine the possible responsibilities that may arise from this purpose and data processing. The data used may be processed with up to a file of public interest, adjusting the conservation periods to that established by the regulatory regulations of the Public Administration's file system. The personal data to which a person in charge of the treatment of the same (contractor, concessionaire, etc.), who acts under the protection of a legal relationship established with the SELVA TOWN HALL, will be kept by the aforementioned manager for the duration that this relationship last, including the legally established guarantee periods. After this period the data will be deleted.

7. Recipients of personal data (transfer of data)

The SELVA TOWN HALL treats the personal data of the interested parties with proper confidentiality, and they will be processed directly by the municipal officials, not making transfers to third parties except those indicated below and for the following purposes:
Comply with legal obligations with Administrations, authorities and public bodies, including courts and tribunals, when required by regulations. By way of illustration only, data will be transferred to the National Institute of Social Security, mutual societies of officials, State Agency of the Tax Administration, General Intervention of the State Administration, different ministries of the General State Administration, and different Councils of the Autonomous Community of the Balearic Islands.

– Facilitate the exercise of activities carried out by the councilors of the SELVA TOWN HALL, with the limits established by its current legislation.
– Address the needs of certain financial entities related to the activities carried out by the City Council concerning the payment of assets, payments to suppliers, income management, and other typical activities of municipal economic-financial management.
– Facilitate the development of the work of service providers with whom the SELVA TOWN HALL maintains a contractual relationship, proving they have the status of treatment managers.
– In your case, to follow up with the consent specifically provided by the interested party, when it has been expressly established at the time of information capture.

8. Rights of the interested party concerning the treatment of their personal data

The interested party may exercise their rights of access, rectification, deletion, limitation of the treatment, and portability of the data in the cases and with the scope established by the applicable regulations at any time. According to the provisions of the regulations on the protection of personal data, the SELVA TOWN HALL may limit the scope of the rights defined in the preceding paragraph, when this limitation respects, in essence, the fundamental rights and freedoms of the subject's data and the necessary and proportionate measures in a democratic society to safeguard:

a) The supervision, inspection or regulation linked, even occasionally, with the exercise of public functions and public authority, exercised according to the powers mentioned in the section.
b) The prevention, investigation, detection, and treatment of administrative and tax offenses.
c) The main objectives of general public interest assigned in the SELVA TOWN HALL, are related to the fiscal, budgetary, public security, and public health spheres.
d) The protection of the interested party or the rights and freedoms of others.

To exercise these rights, the interested party can contact the SELVA TOWN HALL through one of the following channels:
–By postal mail attaching a photocopy of your ID or equivalent document addressed to: “Ref. Data Protection Officer ”, Selva Town Hall, Address: Plaça Major nº 1, 07313 Selva, Balearic Islands.
– Personally, writing in the General Register of the SELVA TOWN HALL.
– Contacting the Data Protection Officer of the SELVA TOEN HALL through the following email address:

9. Origin of the data

The data of the interested parties can be provided by the same interested party or by a third party that maintains and accredits a previous legal relationship with it. On certain occasions, such a supply of information is an obligation for the interested party, who may not refuse to provide it, nor may it question or alter the procedures established for its collection. Besides, within the framework of the management of public services, personal data may be received from any public administration, and especially from those indicated in section 7. Likewise, personal data may be received from financial institutions and other lenders of services, when this information is associated with the management of municipal public services.
In the event that the user is offered the possibility of publishing images of children under 14 years of age to our website, this publication will be carried out under the responsibility and with the consent of the legal guardians, exempting the SELVA TOWN HALL from any liability.
The interested party will be responsible for the accuracy and veracity of the personal data provided to the SELVA TOWN HALL, who reserves the right to rectify or delete false or incorrect data.

10. Data transfers in third countries

In the event that international transfers are necessary, they will only be made to entities under the authorization of the US-European Union Privacy Shield agreement (more information:, to entities that have demonstrated that they comply with the level of protection and guarantees under the parameters and requirements provided in the current regulations on data protection, such as the European Regulation, or when there is a legal authorization to carry out the international transfer.

11. Presentation of claims before the Spanish Agency for Data Protection

Informing you, likewise, of your right to file a claim arising from the processing of your data, made by the SELVA TOWN HALL, before the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (