The current name of Binibona appears in a document back in the year 1300. However, Bilamala, a place name documented in 1232, could have been the first name of the current Binibona, which already appears as Benimalen in 1250 and 1290 as Benimala. The year 1506 is documented as Beniabona, which seems to have replaced the "rahal or farmhouse of Binimala" that appears in the Book of Distribution and seems to be a typical case of name change due to superstitious reasons.
Later Cardinal Despuig on his map (1785) writes the name ’Mira-buena’ ’, which has been explained by the good perspective that this place presents towards other villages.
The town of Binibona has been a pioneer in rural tourism and we will have to visit it if we want to know first hand the best examples.
Source: ORDINAS GARAU, Antoni (2005) Guia de Binibona.

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